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The hotelsouthbeachinmiami.com team pays a lot of attention to the website, and of course, we try to keep the information and photos as up-to-date as possible. Despite the greatest possible care, it is possible that the information is no longer up-to-date and that photos have become outdated over time.

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The information about your trip is provided to us directly from your travel organization. Hotelsouthbeachinmiami.com has no influence on this and can therefore not be held liable for inaccuracies and changed information. Your travel organization is responsible for providing the correct information and has the right to change it.

The photos on our website come from various travel organizations. These only give a general impression. When accommodation is still under construction, drawings or sketches are often shown. These may therefore deviate from the definitive realization of the accommodation. Hotelsouthbeachinmiami.com is not liable for differences between photos and the current situation on-site.

All published offers in the newsletter are subject to (typing) errors, price changes, and availability. Our partners deliver prices once a day and can change during the day. It is, therefore, possible that the given price is no longer available. View the websites of our partners for the current prices and conditions.

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